Thursday, August 11, 2011

Collect WWN

Due to recent works on migrating a large number of servers and SAN LUNs, I threw together this small script to collect WWN numbers (see WWN on Wikipedia) from servers. Maybe it can be useful for someone else?

Save the lines below as wwn.ps1 :

## WWN version 1.1
## Script to determine HBA WWNs on remote servers (Win 2003+)
## Usage: .\wwn.ps1

Param ($servername)

$data = Get-WmiObject -namespace "root\wmi" -class MSFC_FibrePortNPIVAttributes -computer $servername

$data | select WWPN | foreach {[array]::Reverse($_.WWPN); [BitConverter]::ToUInt64($_.WWPN, 0).ToString("X") }